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Pressure Vessels

Santek pressure vessels are composed of a seamless, high density polyethylene liner and an outer winding of reinforced fiberglass and epoxy resin.

Blow-molded, food grade inner liner assures leak-free operation, while high strength fiberglass winding provides pressure resistance.

Produced with computer aided processes, our tanks offer high performance and reliability.

  • Composite material provides corrosion resistance;
  • Wide range of sizes: from 7" to 63" diameter ( 22 l – 5230 l tank volume );
  • Wide range of applications due to high chemical resistance, mechanical strength and food grade material;
  • Easier handling and transportation due to lower weight compared to steel tanks;
  • Options for in-out connections: 2½" and 4" threaded, 6" and 8" flanged openings;
  • Operating pressure : 0 - 10 bars;
  • Operating temperature : 1 - 65°C; Hot water versions available ( max. operating temperature 80 °C);
  • Different color options available.

Basınçlı Tanklar

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Chemical resistance
Warranty Conditions
Inside single piece, seamless and weldless polyethylene
Outside fiberglass armour ensuring pressure resistance
Inlet - Outlet connections are mounted with standart 2 1/2" and 4" threaded or with standard 6" and 8" flanged
Resistant to 1-65°C and 10 bar pressure. (80°C resistance is optional.)
Plastic material resistant to corrosion
Ensuring advantage for transportation and space to be placed due to less weight in comparison to galvanized and steel tanks.
Capacity choice is available between 11 l and 5230 l.
Food-grade material.
Dimensional Data
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2½" Threaded Top Opening Vessels  
4" Threaded Top Opening Vessels  
4" Threaded Top-Bottom Opening Vessels  
6" and 8" Flanged Top-Bottom Opening Vessels  
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